I stand for pleasure and freedom.

Pleasure and freedom are your birthright.  

You don't have to put up with your relationships and career that feel like confinement. Your work gets to be fun and meaningful. Your relationships get to be nourishing and hot. 

We are re-writing the narrative for female entrepreneurs so that we may release the shame and guilt we carry around our true desires and catalyze each other's confidence and creativity so we can grow our wealth and live lives that turn us on.

I believe if we get to the top of a  mountain, it is our responsibility to help others up that mountain.

I created Alchemy of Her because all women deserve a pleasure-filled life and in a world that makes you choose between a  boss babe hustle culture or soft slow feminine flow, beyond all that there is a perfect path for you, where you get to be both…and more!  A path that gets to be just for you. Unique, but not alone.

I’m a mentor for women, I’m not just a mentor for feminine women. Its not about doing it the right way, its about doing it your way. Whether its love, sex, or business. 

One of my gifts is bringing out the unique creative erotic expression gifts from individuals.

We grew up in a culture that is always pitting women against each other in competition. I wholeheartedly believe that transmuting that competition into collaboration within sisterhood is not only empowering for the individual but is necessary for women to be able to collectively rise. Its really important for us to come together.

What I’ve found in my personal life of going to retreats and in my holding of community spaces is that the magic is really like nothing else and its really the lifeblood of Alchemy of Her.

I'm here to show you the transformative power of knowing you have women in your life that are there to support you and cheer you on in your unique expression.



BA in Environmental Studies, Economics, and Sociology


Holistic Health Practitioner


Massage Therapy Certification


Yoga Teacher


Tantra Practitioner


Tantra Facilitator


Love, Sex & Relationship Coach


Interior Designer

My Great Love Story

Despite many women, both in and out of the sex industry, having shared their challenge with finding a partner who could celebrate all of them; their work in the world, their sexuality, their changing body, their emotional nature, etc, I knew my person would show up as soon as I shameless showed up for myself and my mission.

I was devoted (and still am!)  to making my dream of finally having healthy and profound love without sacrificing my purpose of empowering women in erotic expression and building their wealth. It was that devotion and faith in my journey that led Steven and I together. And that first Tinder date (yes I know! It is possible) that lasted 12 hours has now turned into buying a house, getting puppies, and planning our family.

Let's stay in touch, babe.